Earthquake Felt in Karangasem

Tectonic earthquakes shook again on Tuesday (11/8). This incident happened around 11.29AM local Bali time.

According to the analysis result from BMKG, the earthquake is felt in Karangasem, North Lombok and West Lombok. The earthquake was measuring 3,9SR with epicenter located in cordinat 8,28 SL and 115,99 EL, or to be precise located in the ocean at a distance of 20 KM northwest North Lombok, at a depth of 10 KM.

Head of Balai Besar BMKG region III Denpasar, Drs. M. Taufik Gunawan, on his release said by looking at the epicenter location and the hypocenter depth, the earthquake happened was the shallow earthquake type due to Flores Back Arc Thrust activity. “The impact of the earthquake based on the residents’ report was the shock felt in the area North Lombok III MMI, West Lombok and Karangasem II MMI. The modeling result shows that the earthquake was not tsunami potential,” explained him.

Up until 12.05PM local Bali time, the BMKG Monitoring result has not showed any aftershocks activities. Citizens are encouraged to stay calm and not being influenced by any issues that cannot be justified.

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