Fisherman from Kedonganan Found Dead after Boat Crashed by Big Waves

Two fishermen Atoh and Hengel crashed by the wave in the waters of Kedonganan. They both are from Segara Madu Kedonganan, Bali. The boat they were on was crashed by a really big wave. Fortunately, Atoh was able to survive by swimming to the shore using floaties, however Hengel was discovered floating lifeless by National SAR Assistance Denpasar on Tuesday (11/8) at around 6.05PM local Bali time after previously being nowhere to be found.

Hengel (35) was found about 12 km west from the location where their boat was crashed by the wave. The victim’s body was directly evacuated to RSUP Sanglah, Denpasar to be post mortemed.

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Head of National SAR Assistance Denpasar, I Gede Darmada explained the chronology of the discovery of the victim was started when another fisherman from Petitenget saw a floating object. It was only realized that the object was a corpse after the fisherman tried to lift the object onto his boat. He then called National SAR Assistance Denpasar regarding his finding.

Atoh and Hengel was reported to use fiber boat with two outriggers. Both of them are originally from Makassar and now live in Kedonganan. They went to the sea on Saturday (8/8) at around 4PM local Bali time to the water of Canggu.

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