Fishing Ship Missing Contact Search and Rescue Agency Send Helicopter

The fishing boat KM Tanjung Permai with 12 POBs reportedly lost contact, Tuesday (6/10). From the information, it is known that the captain of KM Tanjung Permai was last known to have coordinated with PT Lianiti Abadi when he was in the Badung Strait at the position of the coordinates 08o55’S-115o1’5″E.

Photo 1: Search and rescue process for KM Tanjung Permai fishing boat – Photo source: Balipost

Regarding the existence of KM Tanjung Permai, currently the Bali Search and Rescue Agency is conducting searches using helicopters and KN SAR Arjuna. “The focus of searching the area around the ship captain’s last position was in contact with the company,” explained Gede Darmada SE., M.AP., as Head of the Denpasar Search and Rescue Office.

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Darmada said that the helicopter that was deployed flew from the Kelan Hangar at 12.45 local time with 5 personnel to search by air. Meanwhile, KN and SAR Arjuna departed from Benoa port at 13.02 local time carrying 28 personnel from the joint Search and Rescue team.

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In his statement, Darmada revealed that the fishing boat route was previously from Benoa to the Badung Strait. In the last connection last night, Monday (05/10) with Sohidin (the captain of the ship), it was said that the ship had caught water and was trying to solve it. “We received the report on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 10:00 am local time from Mrs. Lili. It was mentioned that there was last contact last Monday at 09.00 WITA, but until now there is no longer contact,” Darmada explained.

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It is known the characteristics of a blue ship with a length of 17.89 meters and a width of 4.60 meters. Darmada regrets that ships with this capacity are not equipped with safety support tools in the form of EPIRB and satellite telephone. “The absence of equipment for emergency signal transmitters or communication devices has made us unable to find out the final location,” he said.

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