Free Rapid Test In Kuta Ahead of New Year Holiday

Residents and visitors in line for the free rapid test. (

Last Saturday (26/12) Bali Regional Police organized a free rapid antigen test at Kuta Beach, ahead of the 2021 New Year’s long holiday. The test meant to curb the transmission of coronavirus in the touristic spot which is known for its crowd during holiday season.

The Bali Regional Police cooperated with Jasa Raharja and Traffic Corps of National Police to carry out the event which was codenamed as Operation Candle (Operation Lilin). Speaking to the local reporter was the Head of Traffic Police Inspector General Istiono who observed the operation directly at the venue. He explained that the test was organized in Kuta because of its status as crowd areas and shopping spots for visitors.

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Istiono added the enthusiasm of residents in Bali to comply with this procedure showed that there was high awareness among the people about their own health and the duty to protect others.

Foreign visitors seen taking the rapid test. (

The antigen swab in Kuta was organized in a random manner, anyone who wished to check their health or whoever feeling unwell was encouraged to take the test. The police has prepared number of ambulances to take those who tested reactive to the nearest local hospitals. The 15 minutes rapid antigen test was reportedly limited to only 200 test takers, but the authority planned to carry out the test at many spots in the island until the first week of January.

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Few weeks ago Indonesian government released a regulation to implement a specific protocol for the conduct of travel to and from particular region in Indonesia like Java and Bali. This included the obligation of visitors to carry a negative result of PCR or rapid test they had taken before departing to the destined city.

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