Gas Station Robbery Perpetrator in Benoa, Bali Got Arrested

The Bali Police confirmed that the perpetrator of the threat of using a firearm at a gas station in Denpasar was not an online motorcycle taxi service driver, but a technician from a company.

Director of criminal investigation for the Bali Regional Police, Senior Commissioner of Police, Dodi Rahmawan, emphasized that even though the perpetrator used the online motorcycle taxi attribute, the jacket was a loan from a friend.

Gas Station Robbery Perpetrator in Benoa, Bali Got Arrested
Gas Station Robbery Perpetrator in Benoa, Bali Got Arrested

According to him, the perpetrator deliberately carried a weapon and wore a jacket in order to scare the victim.

“The perpetrator was not an online motorcycle taxi driver. The perpetrator got a jacket from a friend, the perpetrator was a technician from a company, ”he said during the disclosure of the case at the Bali Regional Police Headquarters, Friday, November 20 yesterday.

The perpetrator with the ethnicity IMW, who is 30 years old, is known to have a family and one child and lives in the Bualu area, Badung Regency.

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Perpetrators are motivated to commit threatening crimes due to economic problems.

This was the first time this action was carried out by him and due to economic factors. Especially during a pandemic, the level of unemployment is high so that it becomes an evil intention to commit criminal acts.

Gas station robber in Benoa, Bali was not an online motorcycle driver
Gas station robber in Benoa, Bali was not an online motorcycle taxi driver

Police have successfully tracked down its existence after using information technology analysis by tracing all surveillance cameras in Denpasar City and its surroundings.

From the results of the development of the investigation it was found that the gun used for pointing was a toy gun.

When arrested, the perpetrator has confessed the results of his actions.

As for the results of the crime, the perpetrator received a brown bag and a smart phone.

When secured, the officers secured a number of evidence, such as an online motorcycle taxi jacket, a black toy gun, a black helmet, a cellphone and a Honda Scoopy motorbike.

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Previously, the virtual world in Bali was shocked by the circulation of videos of mugging a motorist using an online motorcycle taxi jacket at Benoa gas stations, Denpasar.

The action lasted no more than 5 minutes.

The perpetrator who used a Scoopy motorbike launched his action by pointing a firearm which turned out to be a toy weapon at three female employees at a gas station who were on duty.

In an instant, the hold on made officers running and leaving their bags and cellphones in a corner of the gas station.

The perpetrator then took the victim’s bag away.

As for the loss of goods belonging to victims of black bags and cellphones for 3 million. The victim’s cellphone was replaced by a chip card and used by the perpetrator and has not yet been sold.

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