Governor Prepares Bali Tourism One Gate Portal

Bali governor, I Wayan Koster released Bali Province local regulations on Saturday (8/8/2020) at Puri Ubud, Gianyar. Ubud was chosen because it serves as a symbol of the spirit for promoting Bali tourism, as well as the center of cultural tourism. The new regulation rules the standards about the management of Bali cultural tourism.

Tourism One Gate Portal

There are 13 points in the regulations. The very prominent new item in the regulations is the execution of Bali digital cultural tourism. Everything revolves around tourism inspiration, the tourist arrival, tourism destination and activities, tourist treatment post visit, Bali tourism One Gate Portal, and Bali digital cultural tourism documentation.

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Bali tourism One Gate Portal, according to Koster is aiming to integrate all tourism stakeholders which consists of; tourism service business, government and citizens. This new regulation includes hotel and accommodation reservation, tourism destination electronic ticket, online transportation, Bali digital tourism market, non-cash payment integration, and other sectors related with the development of tourism industry.

Koster added, every tourism service business is obligated to register themselves to Bali tourism One Gate Portal which sell products/services to potential customers via offline and online.

Transaction and information exchange both direct and indirect, has to be done through Bali tourism One Gate Portal. As well as every other service business can sell their services by having a partnership with the portal.

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Meanwhile, Bali tourism One Gate Portal cannot make any direct sales to the tourists. “The partnership is built as wide as possible with every tourism stakeholder in Bali, both individual and business entity openly and transparently. Further provisions regarding registration and partnership procedures is ruled in the Bali local regulations,” said Koster.

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