Health Protocols Watch Operation in Denpasar, Bali 19 Men Fined US$7

As the people mobilization increases in the year-end occasion, the Denpasar government tightens its health protocol watch in order to prevent the possible new cluster of coronavirus transmission. Dozens of people found guilty for not following the proper health protocol.

Police (Credit: Elton Yung )

Reported from Denspasarnow, 15 people in Padangsambian district, West Denpasar, were fined US$7 (Rp100 thousand) for not wearing masks in public space, while 14 others received warning and counsel for not wearing masks properly.

The people who got caught mostly argued that they were just going to a location very close to their houses so there was no need to wear masks or that they forgot to bring it.

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The health protocol watch was a joint operation conducted by the Denpasar city Eustis team, security guard squad, the city relation agency, police, army, and the regional law enforcement team on Tuesday (22/12).

The chief of Denpasar city security guard squad, Dewa Gede Anom Sayoga, stated that following the heath protocol is very important not only for the people’s well-being but also for the economy of the city.

“Together we become more disciplined to follow the health protocol for our safety so we can stay productive. Being healthy will maintain the people’s productivity that can uplift the economy,” he said. 

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The health protocol watch itself is one of the implementations of the governor regulation no. 46 about Health Protocol Disciplinary and Regulation Enforcement as an effort to prevent and control the Covid-19 transmission.

“Our team has conducted disciplinary enforcement in some locations in Denpasar, but there are still some violations found. As the fine sanction is now implemented we advise the people to always wear masks in their outdoor activities. The regulation is made not to look for people’s mistakes but to prevent the Covid-19 transmission,” Anom Sayoga explained.

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