Heavy Rain, Seven Cars Caught in the Swift of Unda River

Heavy rain on Sunday (4/10) afternoon resulted in the flow of Kali Unda, Klungkung, getting heavier. Unfortunately, a number of residents in the vicinity of Kali Unda were trapped along with their cars.

A total of seven cars were trapped. One car was caught in the fast current of Kali Unda, while the other six cars were on the banks of Kali Unda.

Photo 1: One of the trapped car – Photo source: Balipost

The Chief Executive of the Klungkung BPBD, Putu Widiada, said that after receiving information that there were residents trapped in the Unda River flow, his party and BPBD Klungkung personnel immediately went to the location. As with the information around Kali Unda, Widiada said that the seven vehicles trapped in the Unda River were owned by residents of the Bali Wilis Club association.

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Initially, they were holding social service activities in the form of distributing masks to the community along the Prof. by-pass road. Ida Bagus Mantra, who is very needy. After carrying out the distribution of masks, they continued the meeting activities under the Gunaksa C Galian Bridge.

However, when he was gathering under the bridge, suddenly heavy rain occurred, which caused the water level of the Unda River around him to immediately rise.

Photo 2: Unda River which usually is a tourism destination – source: Piknikyok

A swift current came from the north at around 17:00 local time, causing seven cars to suddenly get trapped in the middle of the fast current of Kali Unda. Trapped, they couldn’t get back on the road right away. “One car was trapped in the river and six cars were on the side of the river. There were also seven people trapped,” said Widiada.

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Luckily there were no casualties, all trapped people were successfully evacuated safely. The trapped car was successfully evacuated and is now on the side of the highway near the Kali Unda bridge.

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