House Owner Injured on The Head Fighting with A Thief in Kintamani, Bali

A theft case just recently happened to a house belong to a resident in Hamlet Madia, Terunyan village, Kintamani. It is reported that the house owner, I Ketut Jujur had an injury at his head.

The victim has torn wounds on his head, the result of being hit by the thief.

Sulhadi stated that police from Sectoral Police Kintamani went to the victim’s house to investigate and collect statement from the victim as well as the witness regarding the thievery.

In order to neutralize the panic, local police will intensify their patrol activity and reactivate their local security system said Head of Public Relations Sub Division of Departmental Police Bangli AKP Sulhadi.

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The goal is to provide a sense of security and comfort to the local residents and to anticipate other similar case happening again in the future. “We also encourage the residents if anytime it happens again they will report directly to the police in charge” said Sulhadi.

Apparently, this is not the first time thievery happened in this village. It gets worse because the thief is now dare to injure the victim. As what I Ketut Jujur experienced, he got hit when he caught the thief was in action.

Head of the hamlet, I Wayan Besar stated that the incident happened early in the morning at 3AM, when almost everyone was asleep. The thief was targeting to steal the farm chicken, shallots, and farming equipments.

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Just before the thief went away with the stolen goods, I Wayan Jujur as the house owner caught him. They were involved in a fight before the thief’s companion came to hit I Wayan Jujur with sharp weapon.

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