How The Pandemic Made Artists in Bali Even More Productive

Bali is famous for its sublime art. During the Covid-19 pandemic, artists were even more productive at work. Artists make various efforts to keep exhibiting works, both virtually and exhibiting in galleries by implementing strict Covid-19 health protocols.

Yuno D. Baswir, Monday, December 7 said that during this pandemic, many artists held virtual exhibitions. In fact, some have held exhibitions offline. “A real example is the exhibition at the Washington DC Studio Gallery. The exhibition can be visited directly by strictly implementing the Covid-19 health protocol, ”said Yuno D. Baswir, who is also the manager and founder of the Indonesian Art Community in America (IACA).

Yuno D. Baswir
Yuno D. Baswir

It is said, the fighting spirit of the artists is very strong. Various attempts were made to overcome the various challenges at this difficult time. So, artists are still able to keep the embers of art.

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In order to be active and productive during a pandemic, it is hoped that artists will not struggle alone. Communication with various important parties is maintained. Namely, maintaining communication with other artists, gallery owners, art observers and others. “Solutions to overcome obstacles can be sought together to solve unique and specific problems for each artist or group,” he said.

Meanwhile, the painter Nyoman Ari Winata said that the artists must survive and survive with new ideas created during the pandemic. During a pandemic, artists can contemplate and hone their skills.

An art works made by artists in Bali during the pandemic
An art works made by artists in Bali during the pandemic

He said, working during a pandemic is a momentum for artists to create creative works and to mark an era when an epidemic has occurred. Many phenomenal works of art in the world were born during a pandemic or the world is in a plague. “Voicing creative ideas and healthy and hopeful vibrations in works is very important during a pandemic,” said Ari Winata.

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Admittedly, during the pandemic, it is possible for some art lovers to maintain the art ecosystem by helping artists by buying works and ordering special themes such as photo paintings, drawing photos and ordering paintings which become their personal momentum, such as birthdays and others.

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