Indonesian Army Supports in Handling Covid-19

Form of support from Indonesian Army through Kodam IX/Udayana to handle Covid-19 is through convalescent plasma donor. Quoted from Balipost, this is one of the proven ways to accelerate the recovery process for Corona infected patients and it strengthens by many recovered Secapa AD personnel by being treated in this way.

Therefore, Kodam IX/Udayana applies this effort in Bali. On Tuesday (11/8), 28 people attends the convalescent plasma donor which held at Makorem 163/Wira Satya Hall, Denpasar.

“There is one of our team now being treated at RSUP Sanglah and using this method for the treatment. This morning I got a news that this partner of ours is showing improvement that is quite significant, even now he is able to sit,” said Pangdam IX/Udayana Mayjen TNI Kurnia Dewantara, in the middle of inspecting the donor event.

“There are local cultures handling the situation in various regions in Indonesia hoping to find therapy to cope with this Covid-19. While, Mr. Kasad is really concern about the efforts to overcome Covid-19. Almost everyday he spent time to have coordination with Head of the Hospitals all around Indonesia via video conference,” add him.

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One of the efforts that is now being applied is to have convalescent plasma donor for the infected Covid-19 patients. For instance, Secaba AD had 2.400 students being exposed to the virus and undergone the treatment convalescent plasma donor. Only 17 percent left from the recovered patients.

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