Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) Holds a Blood Donation Drive at a Mall in Bali

Denpasar – Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) held a blood donation drive on Saturday (23/01) at Transmart Carrefour, Bali. The blood drive was conducted in a mall due to its large number of visitors.

Indonesian Red Cross Society holds blood donation drive at a mall in Denpasar due to shortage of blood banks. Credit: Tribunnews

Head of Administration Transfusion Unit PMI Denpasar, Yuni Damayanti, explained that the blood donation drive at the mall will be arranged twice a month on Saturdays.

“Per target, we expect at least 25 people will participate in the blood donation drive.”

The blood donation drive at Transmart Carrefour attracted positive attention from visitors. Besides malls, PMI plans to hold blood donation drives in other places commonly visited by the general public.

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The Blood Transfusion Unit PMI Denpasar is currently being struck by a shortage of blood bags. As of Saturday (23/01), only 30 bags of blood supply are available.

Due to the implementation of public activity restrictions (PPKM), several institutions working with PMI have canceled their blood donation drives.

“If I’m not mistaken, at least three institutions have canceled their blood donation drives due to PPKM,” said Damayanti.

“Therefore, it is crucial that we continue to hold blood donation drives to fulfill the blood shortage experienced by the Blood Transfusion Unit PMI Denpasar.”

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