Intending to Do Wild Race, Student Got Beaten Critically in Denpasar, Bali

The persecution case took place on the side of Jalan Raya Puputan, East Denpasar, Tuesday (6/10). A student with the initials PW (20) experienced a blood clot in the back of the head. Meanwhile, the perpetrators were arrested in Jalan Badak Agung, Denpasar.

Head of the Denpasar Police Criminal Resort Unit, Kompol Dewa Anom Danujaya, Wednesday (7/10) said that in relation to this case a number of witnesses were examined, especially those at the scene of the case, including YA (20) and KS (20). “It happened around 4:00 am local time,” he said.

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Prior to the incident, the victim from Sempidi, Mengwi, Badung and the witness were about to have a wild race at the scene of the case. A few minutes later, the victim had an argument with KS whose address was at Jalan Badak Agung, Denpasar.

That’s when the perpetrator arrived and immediately hit the victim’s face. The victim immediately collapsed on the asphalt road. As a result of the blow, the victim suffered a swollen wound on the left face and blood clots on the back of the head.

Photo 1: Photo source: Balipost

This incident was reported to the Denpasar Police. Following up on the report, the Denpasar Police’s Criminal Investigation Team, led by the Head of the Iptu Unit, Made Putra Yudhistira, and the Iptu Committee, Ngurah Eka Wisada, conducted an investigation. On Tuesday at 9PM local time, the perpetrator was arrested on Badak Agung Street.

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When interrogated, the perpetrator confessed his actions. To be accountable for his actions the perpetrator was detained at the Denpasar Police Headquarters.

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