International Flight to Bali is Set to Open in December 1st

People’s representatives in Badung district open their voices about international flights which are scheduled to open on December 1. Because during the Covid-19 pandemic that lasted for the past 8 months, Badung’s economy, which was heavily dependent on tourism, had collapsed.

Situation in Ngurah Rai International Airports during Covid-19
Situation in Ngurah Rai International Airports during Covid-19

The Chairman of the Badung DPRD, I Putu Parwata, yesterday hoped that international flights would reopen. Because, with the opening of foreign flights, Bali tourism, especially Badung, will resume operations and restore the regional economy.

According to the PDI Perjuangan party politician from Dalung, the presence of foreign tourists will lift the economic climate in Bali which has been deteriorating due to Covid-19. “Our council supports international flights at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport to be opened soon, so that Badung tourism will revive. In the end, the economy will increase again,” he said.

However, this secretary of the PDI-P DPC Badung does not want to go ahead of central government policies. However, his party will continue to strive to suppress the spike in positive cases of Covid-19 to provide a sense of security and comfort for tourists if international flights are reopened.

Bali International Airports
Bali International Airports

“We are waiting for the central regulation, hopefully flights are opened and foreign tourists can enter. We are also currently focused on overcoming this pandemic, there will still be a movement of tourism,” he said.

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On that occasion, the Acting Regent of Badung I Ketut Lihadnyana said that the Badung Regency government not only supports the opening of international flights, but also hopes that foreign flights are opened. “This must be accompanied by efforts to implement health protocols. Because we cannot speak partially. When we wait for the opening of international flights, then we prepare ourselves related to health protocols in tourist objects and the tourism industry has been running well,” he explained.

The head of the Bali Provincial BKD said that his party was carrying out verification related to the application of the health protocol. Tourism supporting facilities and infrastructure that have been verified will be given a sticker. “If the health protocol has been implemented properly,” he said.

People are flocking the airport in Bali
People are flocking the airport in Bali

Added with verification will affect the positive image. “Because this is a market. The market image will form that Badung is ready to be visited,” he concluded.

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As is known, the tourism industry that has met the verification requirements in Badung Regency is 168 accommodations, 27 restaurants and 11 tourist attractions. If accommodation, restaurants or tourist attractions have obtained certificates, it means that they have implemented health protocols as required by the government.

If you pass the verification, then the Badung Regency Government will carry out certification. So that Badung is ready to accept tourists when the discourse on opening international flights per December 1 is realized.

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