Interpol’s Fugitive Escaped while Being Deported from Bali, Officers is Assessed Neglectful

Andrew Ayer, also known as Andrei Kovalenko, a Russian drug case suspect escaped when he was to be deported from Bali and handed over to Interpol.

Andrew Ayer aka Andrei Kovalenko (Credit:

As reported from, Andrew had served a prison sentence of 1.5 years in Class II A Kerobokan, Bali. When his sentence was over, he was moved to the Class I Immigration of Ngurah Rai.

On February 3, Andrew was planned to be handed over to Interpol but first, he was going to be transferred to the Immigration Detention Center (Rudenim) Denpasar due to limited detention space.

Andrew’s escape occurred during the process of his transfer to the Rudenim. He was visited by his female friend (ET), who is a Russian citizen too.

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During the inspection process, Andrew slipped away from the immigration office with no one noticed his escape.

This case drew the attention of Habiburokhman, a member of Commission III of the House of Representative (DPR). Habiburokhman considered this incident very embarrassing.

Habiburokhman, a member of Commision III of the House of Representative. (Credit:

He regretted the officers’ negligence. This case may need an evaluation process.

According to him, this incident shouldn’t have happened because there are many CCTVs at various points. It shouldn’t be difficult for the officers to find Andrew quickly.

Reported from, Habiburokhman will also propose a summons for the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna Laoly, and the related officers to Commission III of the House of Representatives for a thorough evaluation.

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So far, the officers are still looking for Andrew and investigating the possible involvement of his friend, ET. For anyone who sees or knows about his presence, please immediately contact the Public Relations Officer, Class I Immigration Office of Ngurah Rai at 082165055256.

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