Jerinx, Balinese Drummer Got Arrested for Hate Speech Act

Drummer Superman Is Dead (SID) a punk rock band hailing from Bali, I Gede Ari Astina or famous for his stage name Jerinx got investigated again by investigator of the special criminal directorate of the Bali Regional Police on Wednesday (12/8). Jerinx SID was being investigated on a report from the Indonesian Doctors Association in Bali for allegedly committing a criminal act.

Photo 1: Jerinx SID being detained for defamation and hate speech act – Photo source: Regional Kompas

In the investigation process that lasted more than 4 hours, Jerinx SID was accompanied by his lawyer I Wayan “Gendo” Suardana, SH., Dkk. From the Gendo Law Office.

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Following the investigation and named a suspect, prior to being arrested Jerinx was obligated to take the Rapid test at the Bhayangkara Denpasar Hospital. An hour later, the results show that Jerinx is non-reactive to Covid-19 and then being sent to Mapolda Bali remand center to be arrested.

The news was confirmed by Head of Rekskrimsus Polda Bali, Police chief commissioner Yuliar Kus Nugroho that Jerinx is now named a suspect.

Jerinx was named a suspect for the alleged hate speech he uploaded in his posts on his personal Instagram account. In his post, he wrote that Indonesian Doctors Association is the WHO lackeys.

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Police chief commissioner Yuliar then explained that Jerinx’ post on his Instagram account previously was carried out by a number of linguists to investigate the case reported by Indonesian Doctors Association against Jerinx.

“The linguist has also been fulfilled. He was detained at the Polda Bali remand center. The offense of the ITE Law on Defamation and hate speech,” he added.

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