Jerinx Defense Session Went The Opposite of His Previous Trials

The tense atmosphere in the defense hearing for the 3-year charges against I Gede Ari Astina alias I Gede Ari Astina alias Jerinx Tuesday, November 10 walked more calmly, the defendant net made his personal defense so deep and full of feelings

Jerinx conveyed what was the condition of his family when he had to be detained, the economic effects, including telling the condition of his parents. Jerinx in front of the trial said that in truth he wanted to mediate with the Bali Indonesian Doctors Association with the facilitator, Dr. Tirta.

But did not get a positive response. “With pleasure, when Doctor Tirta wanted to mediate. However, the answer from the Indonesian Bali Doctors Association was that there was no apology for Jerinx. That means that I must be punished as severely as possible, Jerinx said in front of the trial.

In another defense, Jerinx talked a lot about the condition of his family, including the wish to give his parents grandchildren. In fact, he looked back at the court attendance chair, which indicated that his mother was present at the trial.

Jerinx bowed before his mother prior the defense trials

He is also the backbone of the family. While he was arrested, his wife Nora had to work hard alone to support his family.

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At the conclusion, Jerinx gently pleaded with the panel of judges, if indeed he was found guilty asking for a suspended sentence, “If I am found guilty, I respectfully request a suspended sentence because my family does not guard at home. I promise I will not repeat the same actions. , will not make noise and promise to be wiser in using social media, “pleaded Jerinx.

He also said that he had no desire to become a politician, let alone president.

As for the mediation that will be mediated by Doctor Tirta, the eccentric doctor spoke out loud at the trial of the defense of the alleged violation of the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions with the defendant I Gede Aryastina alias I Gede Ari Astina or Jerinx.

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As soon as Jerinx arrived at the Denpasar District Court and entered the courtroom, Jerinx immediately approached Doctor Tirta, who was beside Nora, Jerinx’s wife. “Apart from the decision of the organization, especially the Bali Indonesian Doctors Association, I really respect. Individually, Jerinx was a friend. During Covid-19 he was my discussion partner. So I still remember when Live talked about conspiracy issues, which ultimately we both believed that There is Covid-19, “said dr. Tirta.

dr. Tirta went to support Jerinx on his defense trials

Furthermore, it was said that because another live debate with Jerinx had gone viral, Jerinx was considered a discussion partner. So he came to the Denpasar District Court as a form of support for Jerinx.

In fact, he asked the panel of judges to decide what was fair. “I object to the 3-year demand given by the prosecutor,” said Doctor Tirta.

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