Jerinx, Drummer for Bali Based Band Shouting Not To Accept the Demands Placed on Him

I Gede Aryastina alias I Gede Ari Astina alias Jerinx is again undergoing a further trial on Tuesday (3/11). In the trial that entered the prosecution agenda, Jerinx had shouted after hearing his demands.

Jerinx SID on his trial

By the public prosecutor, Otong Hendra Rahayu, Bagus Putra et al., Jerinx was found guilty of violating Article 28 paragraph (2) Article 45A paragraph (2) of the Law on Electronic Information and Transactions. By the public prosecutor, the drummer for the band from Bali, Superman Is Dead, was sentenced to three years in prison. For these demands, the panel of judges led by Ida Ayu Adnya Dewi gave the defendant the opportunity to file a defense. After coordinating with his attorney, in addition to the pledoi that will be submitted by his legal team, Jerinx will also submit a separate defense.

Responding to the demands for 3 years, Jerinx looked disappointed and even shouted. “I see it is getting funnier. From the PB of the Central Indonesian Doctors Association, the Indonesian Doctors Association Bali they all say they don’t want to imprison me. So, who exactly wants to imprison me,” Jerinx shouted.

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Still in his screams, until the prosecutor bodyguard calmed him down, Jerinx said that he wanted to know who was the person who wanted to put him in prison and wanted to separate himself from his wife, Nora. “Try to come to trial occasionally. From the Central Indonesian Doctors Association, the Indonesian Doctors Association in Bali, no one said they wanted to put me in prison. Who really has the intention to put me in prison? You come to trial!” challenge Jerinx. He also added his opinion that (the people) of Indonesia too often hide behind gold. “A little bit to judge someone from the golden, never deep into the substance. Corruptors, terrorists, fedophiles are all polite. Are there any corrupt who is rude? Who wants to throw me in prison? Show your face, I challenge to trial!” shouted Jerinx.

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Jerinx’s attorney, Sugeng Teguh Santoso, accompanied by Wayan Gendo Suardana, believes that the prosecutor’s demands are an inherent contradiction. Namely, ambiguity in implementing articles 186 and 187 of the criminal procedure code.

It is said, Jerinx was found guilty because of the power of linguist Wahyu Aji Wibowo. “The prosecutor stated that he also included evidence of the examination report. What he had to do was linguist Wahyu Aji Wibowo. Everything was quoted. Based on the facts of the trial, Wahyu Aji Wibowo was an inexpert linguist.

In addition, there is no statement from Wahyu Aji Wibowo quoted from the trial which is the basis for proving Jerinx’s guilt. “What was quoted was Wahyu Aji Wibowo’s statement to the police. Article 186 of the criminal procedure code states that the expert’s testimony is what was conveyed in court,” said Sugeng.

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