Jerinx Got Relocated Prisoner to Correctional Institution

I Gede Aryastina alias Jerinx, the defendant in the case of alleged hate speech and defamation which was reported by the Bali Indonesian Doctors Association has transferred his detention from the Bali Regional Police to the Class II A Kerobokan prison. His transfer was closely guarded by police officers and the prosecutor’s office.

Confirmed about the detention of the Superman is Dead drummer, the head of the Kerobokan penitentiary Yulius Sahruzah, Bc.IP, SH, MH, together with the Public Relations of the ministry of law and human rights Bali, Putu Surya Dharma, Tuesday (1/12) said that currently it is up to standard operational procedures Jerinx was placed in isolation for 14 days.

Jerinx accompanied by his wife when he got relocated to correctional institution Kerobokan
Jerinx accompanied by his wife when he got relocated to correctional institution Kerobokan

“Placed in the Kuta Block where the newly entered prisoners are isolated. After 14 days, only then will they be put together with other block residents,” said the penitentiary.

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He explained, before entering the isolation cell, Jerinx also had to meet several requirements to implement a health protocol to prevent Covid-19. “Jerinx has brought negative swab results. He got treated the same as other prisoners. He must bring a negative swab result,” continued Surya Dharma.

Then, regarding the status of detainees, the Head of the General Crime Section of the Denpasar District Prosecutor’s Office, Wayan Eka Widanta, stated that the matter of Jerinx’s detention, currently is in the authority of the Denpasar high court judge. Because previously, the defendant and the public prosecutor both filed an appeal, the first instance court ruling sentenced Jerinx to 14 months imprisonment.

Kerobokan Correctional Institution
Kerobokan Correctional Institution

Jerinx considered it normal and already according to standard operating procedures. “Regarding the appeal, the judges only carries out standard operating procedures. My legal team is also ready for that, ”said Jerinx.

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Even so, Jerinx admitted that he wanted to meet and discuss with the public prosecutor, Otong Hendra Rahayu. “I really want to have a live discussion with prosecutor Otong, broadcasted on YouTube channels or whatever and let the public judge whether I actually deserve to be imprisoned or not. I’m sure Mr. Otong owns social media. He is not an anti-technology person,” he concluded.

Before entering the correctional facility, Jerinx said he was ready to be detained in the new place. “There is no preparation, I just keep in shape by exercising. But I also brought a mask so I didn’t get a ticket,” he said casually.

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