Jerinx Request Face-to-Face Hearing, Judge Grants Investigation of Witnesses and Defendants

The panel of judges in their interim decision rejected or did not accept the objection or exception of Jerinx and his attorneys, Tuesday (6/10). So the panel of judges asked the public prosecutor to continue examining this case by scheduling examination of witnesses.

Photo 1: Jerinx SID’s online trial Tuesday (06/10) – Photo source: Balipost

Even though the exception was rejected, Jerinx’s party, which has been fighting for face-to-face or offline trials, got fresh air from the panel of judges. The Head of the Denpasar District Court, Dr. Sobandi, said that the panel of judges had the attitude that the trial later in the examination of witnesses and the examination of the defendant would be carried out offline or face-to-face. “The consideration is the same, namely to make it more effective and also to seek material truth, both for the public prosecutor, the accused and their legal advisors as well as for the panel of judges,” said Sobandi.

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Furthermore, he said, regarding security for judges’ decisions regarding offline sessions, the court would coordinate with the police, both Polda, Polresta and Polsek as well as elements of the Indonesian National Army, so that health protocols were carried out. “For example, the court can only accommodate 130 court attendees. 90 can sit outside, the remaining 40 can sit inside. It is divided into three court rooms,” said Sobandi further.

Photo 2: Jerinx SID – Photo source: Tribun Bali

He also added that this also applies to Jerinx supporters. It’s just that with a capacity of 130 people, his party will select who can enter.

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