Karangasem Is Now Covid-19 Red Zone

Karangasem Is Now Covid-19 Red Zone

Karangasem regency in Bali is ranked first of the 13 districts / cities that are included in the Covid-19 red zone. This matter was set by Satuan Gugus Tugas Nasional on Tuesday (11/8).

Karangasem Regent, I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri on Wednesday (12/8) explained that there are few assessment indicators that set Karangasem ranked in the highest position.

“From epidemiology , namely a spike in cases, second from community health surveillance, health services and sources of Covid-19,” explained Mas Sumatri.

Based on the date end of June until August 2nd, Karangasem regency experienced a spike in cases, as much as 28 additional positive cases in one day. “However, following that day since 6th of August up until now the curve has been going down. The recovery numbers tend to be higher than the new positive cases. So the assessment was based on the case on August 2nd,” add her.

The local government took a few strategic policies in effort to tighten the steps to cut the chain of the spread of Covid-19. “One of it is to downgrade the Presidential Instruction number 6 year 2020 into Regent Regulation,” Sumatri said.

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Through the enactment of a regent regulation, the district government can impose sanctions for people who do not comply with health protocols. The sanctions start from warning, oral, written, administrative to the heaviest sanction is not given public services.

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