Bali’s Street Vendor Got Arrested for Selling Lottery

Andi, a beer street vendor in Kuta decided to be a lottery trader due to low income caused by the pandemic.

Susanto a.k.a Andi was arrested by the police on Tuesday evening (19/01) when he was selling an online lottery. Andi was captured based on locals’ report that he was selling online lotteries at Kuta beach street, Badung.

At that moment, there were two buyers ordering lotteries via WhatsApp messages. Each of them paid Andi Rp. 5000 (US$0.36). Some of his friends sometimes also buy lotteries from him.

Andi confessed that he had been selling lotteries for two weeks. Andi got the lotteries from a certain website by buying it via bank account. He used to sell beers at Kuta beach but, since the pandemic hit, tourists are decreasing resulting to a very low income.

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The police have been securing shreds of evidence in the form of a phone registered in an online lottery account with a balance of Rp.475.000 (US$ 33.81) and Rp.10.000 (US$ 0.71) cash. Andi is currently detained at Kuta Police station for further investigation.

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