Landslide in Bukian Payangan Village, Hoarding Residents’ Houses

An unlucky fate was experienced by Ketut Supata in Bukian Village, Payangan District, whose house was buried by a landslide on Sunday (11/10). Ironically, until Tuesday (13/10) the landslide material could not be completely cleaned.

This happens because there is no access to carry heavy equipment to that location. As a result, the evacuation process is done manually. This condition was confirmed by Regional Disaster Management Agency Task Force Ngakan Dharma Jati.

Mentioned that this landslide disaster occurred on Sunday afternoon. Suddenly the land behind his house fell on the house and kitchen. It happened two days ago (Sunday), fortunately there were no casualties, “said Ngakan Dharma Jati.

It is said that Ketut Supata’s family, three children, his mother and himself managed to escape at the time of the incident. But unfortunately, his belongings could not be saved and are currently still buried among the ruins. “For handling, we do it manually because heavy equipment cannot enter the location. Evacuation is not carried out because there are still places to stay that can be occupied in a safer position,” he explained.

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Ngakan Jati added that due to the rain that occurred on Saturday (10/11), there were dozens of incidents recorded. Both those that hit roads, settlements and traditional facilities.

He added that people who have experienced disaster losses can ask for help from the government. “The mechanism is that the person concerned submits a proposal and reviews the technical team for how much it costs. After checking by the officer, then the assistance can be disbursed. Meanwhile, the amount of assistance refers to the technical study and regional financial capacity,” he explained.

The landslide that hit residents in Banjar Bukian Kauh, Bukian Village, Payangan finally attracted sympathy from many parties. In addition to BPBD and the Gianyar Regency Social Service, who brought packages of basic necessities and clothes, following the Gianyar Police Chief I Dewa Made Adnyana, along with the entourage, also handed over basic food and clothing.

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Apart from providing basic necessities and clothing, AKBP Dewa Made Adnyana also invited the families of the victims to comply with health protocols. Must maintain distance, wash hands and wear a mask.

Even the police officer from Klungkung immediately took the mask that was stored in his bag.

While entering the current season, the Gianyar Police Chief also ensures the readiness of all members of the police ranks to back-up in every disaster, working in synergy with other units. “We make sure all members are ready to help the ranks of the police in the event of a disaster,” he said.

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