Members of the Bali Regional Police Officially Detained for Rape

A member of the Bali Regional Police (Polda), Briptu Ryanzo Christian Ellessy Napitupulu, is officially a suspect in the alleged case of threatening, extortion, and intercourse with a woman with the initials Mis (21). This was conveyed by the Head of Public Relations (Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police), Kombespol Syamsi, on Monday (21/12/2020) at 11.26 WITA. Here is the explanation.

Police commissioner Syamsi said that Brigadier Ryanzo had been named a suspect and detained starting Monday (21/12/2020).

“The suspect has been determined and detention has been carried out as of Monday yesterday,” he explained.

Bali area police building
bali area police building

His professional status in the police institution is only determined after the criminal case has been completed first. Only later will it be followed up by the Bali Police Professional and Security.

“It has to go through a mechanism of examination by the profession and security first, then put on trial then the imposition of sanctions,” he said.

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According to the statement of the Director of General Criminal Investigation of the Bali Regional Police, Senior Police Commissioner Dodi Rahmawan, the suspect previously served in the BA Identification Unit of the Bali Police General Criminal Investigation Unit. Its members were reported on suspicion of criminal acts of threatening, extortion, and intercourse against a woman in accordance with Police Report Number LP / 458 / XII / 2020 / Bali / SPKT dated December 18, 2020, at the Bali Police Integrated Police Service Center.

The case has been carried out since December 19, 2020, at 09.00AM local time. The case has entered the investigation stage.

Previously, a woman with the initials MIS (21) through her attorney, Charlie Usfunan, admitted to being blackmailed by police officers when the victim opened the Booking-Order through the MiChat application, on Tuesday (15/12/2020) at 11PM local time to Wednesday (16/12) / 2020) at 02.00AM local time, in a boarding house in South Denpasar District.

Rape illustration
Rape illustration

Initially the suspect came and knocked on the door of the victim’s boarding house, which was serving guests. The suspect said he was a member of the Bali Regional Police and showed his identification. He claimed to be a member of the decency police. The suspect then threatened MIS for an online prostitution case, and ended up being forced to serve his sexual desires. Not enough there, the reporter’s cellphone was confiscated and the money was also taken. The suspect also asked the reporter for a monthly allowance.

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Reconfirmed on Monday (21/12/2020) regarding the possibility of his client getting threats after the virality of this case, Charlie revealed that the victim was a little away from the crowd because he was still traumatized.

“Only after this virality did many new numbers contact the MIS and I said not to answer it if you didn’t know the number,” said Charlie.

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