Missing 80-year-old Grandmother Found At the Bottom of A Ravine

After being declared missing for 10 days, an 80-year-old grandmother, Cukri, was found safe, Thursday (1/10). The family was in despair, because the search process didn’t seem to show any significant result regardless of various attempts done.

Cukri from Banjar Salah, Batumadeg Village, Nusa Penida Subdistrict, was finally found after a noxious ceremony was carried out by holding a niskala ceremony by holding a ceremony at the Hyang Pancuhan Temeling Temple.

Photo 1: Cukri the moment after being found – Photo source: Balipost

Various attempts were made in search of Cukri. Such as parading the means of Gong around the location, Cukri was suspected of being brought by a spirit. However, these efforts also yielded no results. So it was decided to hold a ceremony at Hyang Pancuhan Temeling Temple, Nusa Penida. Mustika said, after the ceremony, residents initially heard a voice screaming for help from quite a distance, about 500 meters from Hyang Pancuhan Temple. One of the residents suspected that the voice was from Cukri. However, at that time the problem was that the location was very steep.

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After an attempt was made to conduct a search to the voice center, it turned out that she was found in a safe and healthy condition even though she went through 10 days without eating nor drinking. At the location where she was found, there was also no trace of food.

Local residents and their families were trying to carry out the evacuation process. Residents use makeshift tools, such as a large basket, tied with plastic ropes. Then Cukri climbed into the basket, the residents then pulled from above. Some others hold the basket so that the grandmother doesn’t fall out of the basket.

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Photo 2: Illustration of evacuation in Nusa Penida ravine – Photo source: Berita Bali Online

“Once in a safe place, she seemed dazed to see the number of residents helping him. We immediately gave him drinking water which she drank hastily,” said Mustika.

Seeing the location where she was found, the residents did not expect Cukri to be found there. Residents consider this a miracle that Cukri was found still safe, at the bottom of a fairly steep ravine, about 150 meters deep.

No one thought that Cukri would be found there, safe, considering the terrain to the location was quite heavy. “After being cleaned and given a change of clothes, Cukri was carried home with the help of the residents and her family,” she said.

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