National Webinar by Bali International University

Bali International University held a national webinar “Writing Reference List in Scientific Publications, Thesis and Dissertation” at the local campus hall, Saturday (03/10). The webinar, moderated by the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Social, Technology and Humanities, University of Bali International, Prof. Dr. I Komang Gde Bendesa, MADE held a series of 5th Anniversary of the International Bali University.

National Webinar by Bali International University
Photo 1: The national webinar commemorating 5th Anniversary of Bali International University – Photo source: Balipost

The speakers presented were the Chancellor of the International Bali University Prof. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta, Sp.PD.-Khom. with the material “Writing Harvard Style Reference List, Vancouver Style and APA Style” and dr. Edwin Sridana, S.ked. with material using Mendeley as a means of citing scientific articles. “

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“How to make a list of references is really needed by students. In addition to thesis, thesis for postgraduate and dissertation for postgraduate, also in making manuscripts to be sent to scientific journals,” said the Rector of Bali International University Prof. Devotees.

Photo 2: Illustration of citation – Photo source: APA Style

Writing the list of references, said Prof. Devotees are very varied. Either between one scientific journal with another journal or between universities. Through this webinar participants were told the correct way to write a referral list. Including how to quote other people’s thoughts into theses, dissertations and scientific publications. “Because if you refer wrongly, it is tantamount to plagiarism,” explained the former Chancellor of Udayana University.

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