New Circular from the National Covid-19 Task Force Prolongs the Requirement to Enter Bali until Jan, 8

The requirement regulation to enter Bali face yet another revision. Regardless of the announcement made by the Bali provincial government, the National Covid-19 Task Force issued another circular that imposes some requirements which are not in the line with the previous regulation.

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Reported from the, while the previous circular is set for the year-end occasion from Dec. 19 to Jan.4 as also stated in the Bali government website, the new circular prolongs the relevance of the regulation until Jan. 8. 

The time set for the regulation is not the only revision made in the new circular. It also re-revises the time validity for the antigen swab test result back to 3 days after the Bali government, a few days back, decided to make it valid for 7 days before entering Bali.

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The leniency made to the entry requirement was done by the government in response to many parties’ criticism stated that the requirement caused Bali a massive economic loss.

However, some rules don’t contradict the previous regulation. Children under the age of 12 who are traveling with their parents are not required to undergo any COVID-19 screening and all travelers are required to electronically fill in the Health Alert Card (eHAC).

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