Ngarebong Ngubeng with the Covid-19 Health Protocol

Since two weeks ago the Kesiman Traditional Village has had a number of important ceremonial agendas involving many masses. Starting from the Pangebekan ceremony, Pemagpag Pangerebongan until its peak at the Ngarebong procession which falls on Sunday (4/10).

The ngarebong process this time was carried out in an integrated manner in accordance with the Covid-19 health protocol order so that it looked lonely because the penjor parade, ngalungang sesuhunan and Ida bhatara and the ngurek procession were eliminated. There was no sound of gamelan and bleganjur from morning to night.

Photo 1: The ngarebong ngubeng procession following the Covid-19 Health Protocol – Photo source: Balipost

Usually before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ngarebong ceremony involved tens of thousands of people in Kesiman consisting of 32 traditional banjars in Kesiman Village, Kesiman Petilan Village and Kesiman Kertalangu Village. At that time, the people sang and mundut sesuhunan until the ngarebong procession was lively.

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However, the atmosphere was no longer the same yesterday because the ceremony was performed by ngubeng. Only a number of temples did it, namely Kober Dalem Penjegan and Pratima Pura Pauman who were obliged to start this procession in the morning.

After these two sesuhunan arrived at Petilan Temple, then Ida Bhatara Dalem Mutering Jagat Kesiman and his equipment were decorated and katurang guru piduka. Almost all pangilen ngarebong were eliminated such as ngurek during ngarebongan and pangilen gider bhuwana.

Photo 2: The previous Ngarebong in Kesiman Traditional Village prior Covid-19 – Photo source: Tribun Bali

However, the Kesiman Traditional Village does not prohibit its people from praying to the Petilan Temple. Keep wearing masks, keep your distance and prayers are arranged starting from the Krama Kesiman Kertalangu, Kelurahan Kesiman and Kesiman Petilan.

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All are supervised by the Babinkamtibmas apparatus of the East Denpasar Police and the village pecalang. Deputy Bendesa Adat Kesiman, Drs. I Wayan Sukana, M.Sc., confirmed that according to the Kesiman Traditional Village circular letter No. 245/05-Up/I/ 2020, September 14, which was the result of the agreement of all village components and stakeholders, that Ngarebong was carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 health protocol.

There is no procession of ngelungang Ida Bhatara, people only need to ngayat bhakti from their respective merajan. However, the congregation was still given the opportunity to pray in turn avoiding the crowd.

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