Online Taxi Carrying a Foreigner Rolls Over Into Paddy Fields in Bali

An online taxi carrying a foreigner rolls over into the paddy fields during a heavy rain. Credit:

Gianyar – An online taxi driving through Jalan Raya Banjar Sala, Pejeng Kawan, Tampaksiring rolled over into the paddy fields on Thursday (21/1) at 04:30 WITA. Driver Nanang Subagio (51) and South African passenger Suzah did not sustain any injuries.

The white Daihatsu Xenia DK 1442 AB was carrying the foreigner from Ubud to Banjar Sala. Subagio, originally from Genteng, Banyuwangi, was driving Suzah to Guest House Banjar Sala.

The road was dark and a heavy rain ensued. Due to these conditions, the vehicle’s tires slipped and the driver lost control. The online taxi rolled over face down, with the roof touching the bottom of the paddy fields.

The white Daihatsu Xenia DK 1442 AB vehicle being evacuated from the paddy fields by local authorities. Credit:

Head of the Tampaksiring District Police, AKP Wayan Sujana, clarified the accident. Local authorities have taken several measures to secure the accident location and restore the vehicle. The police has also reached out to Subagio.

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“Both the driver and passenger chose to not make a police report regarding the accident. As they were in safe conditions, they agreed to a peaceful resolution instead,” said Sujana.

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