Pandemic Becomes the Momentum for Re-order Ubud

Coordinator of the Special Staff for the President of the Republic of Indonesia, AAGN Ari Dwipayana, paid a working visit to Ubud on Wednesday (9/9). During the visit, Ari Dwipayana met with the Chairman and Management of the Bina Wisata Ubud Foundation, a non-profit foundation that has been concerned about protecting Ubud for decades to become the world’s best tourist area.

Present at the meeting, as in the release received, were Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, Chairman of the Bali Province Bappeda I Wayan Wiasthana Ika Putra, Head of Bali Province PUPR Office Astawa Riadi and Head of Bappeda Gianyar Regency I Gede Widarma Suharta.

Photo 1: Ari Dwipayana symbolically handed over the mask – Photo source: Balipost

The head of the Bina Wisata Ubud Foundation, Tjokorda Gde Bayuputra Sukawati, conveyed various things related to the development of Ubud tourism conditions during the pandemic. From management issues, to the extent of the impact of the pandemic on the community in Ubud.

Cok Bayuputra also expressed his hope that the government would pay special attention to the various problems that are happening now, given the large contribution of Ubud to tourism in Bali, as well as Indonesia. Furthermore, Bayuputra said that this pandemic should be used as a momentum, the right time to organize Ubud better in the future.

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Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati, who is familiarly called Cok Ace, added that the existence of Ubud as the epicenter of Balinese Cultural Tourism currently requires serious attention. Therefore, efforts to organize Ubud in an integrated manner need to be continued. Real results, no matter how small, are important to prove the seriousness of various parties to solve the problems that occurred in Ubud.

In order to achieve this goal, Cok Ace emphasizes the importance of having a common viewpoint in seeing problems, and agreeing to formulate real solutions.

Responding to this, Ari Dwipayana agreed that Ubud did have an extraordinary contribution to form the image of tourism in Bali and Indonesia. Therefore, it is only fitting that the arrangement of the Ubud Area as one of the world’s best destinations should be a concern of the provincial government and the central government.

Photo 2: Photo with the working visit of the Coordinator of the Special Staff for the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Ari Dwipayana to Ubud, Wednesday (9/9/2020) – Photo source: Tribunnews

In this regard, Ari Dwipayana expressed his willingness to become a communication bridge between various parties, so that what is a problem in the arrangement of the Ubud area can be resolved properly.

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Ari Dwipayana also said that there were three stages of handling the economic impact of Covid-19. The first stage is the survival stage. Ari who conveyed information about government assistance that had been rolled out during the pandemic, especially for affected communities. Ari encourages local governments and the community to actively access these aids, especially for those who have been laid off.

The second stage is the recovery stage. Ari emphasized the importance of the safe travel campaign so that it can build trust and a sense of security for tourists.

Ari also reminded tourism managers and other business players who were already operating to pay attention seriously and always be disciplined in implementing health protocols. This is very important to increase trust and foster a sense of security for the community, so that they want to visit again.

The third stage, according to Ari, is the transformation stage. The pandemic provides an opportunity to organize Ubud better, both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of cleanliness, safety and health.

Ari Dwipayana also emphasized that the momentum of structuring Ubud requires synergy of various parties. At the end of the event, Ari Dwipayana handed over 10,000 masks to the Ubud community through the Bina Wisata Ubud Foundation, Ari advised the Foundation to help educate the public to be disciplined in wearing masks in their daily activities.

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