Penglipuran Tourism Village Will be Reopened

After being closed for a long time, the Penglipuran tourism village in Kubu Village, Bangli will soon be reopened for tourists. Admission is free. Visitors will only be subject to voluntary donations.

Bendesa Adat Penglipuran I Wayan Supat, Thursday (15/10) said that according to the plan, Penglipuran tourism village will be reopened for tourism activities starting October 17. As for the things that underlie the reopening of Penglipuan, namely the circular of the Governor of Bali number 3355 of 2020 concerning the protocol for a new era life order.

Second, the results of verification and certification of the new era of life in the tourism sector from the Bangli Regency Tourism and Culture Office. Third, the decision of the Penglipuran Traditional Village Paruman Krama meeting on October 14, 2020 regarding the opening of tourism activities in Penglipuran Tourism Village. “So yesterday we held a meeting. In essence, it was decided that starting October 17, Penglipuran tourism village will be reopened for tourism activities,” he explained.

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Given that the situation is still a covid-19 pandemic, visitors who come to Penglipuran are required to apply health protocols. Like wearing a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance. The management has also provided health protocol facilities for visitors.

Supat said, when it was reopened the management did not collect entrance tickets for visitors. Because according to the policy of the Bangli Regency Government, retribution for tourism objects is temporarily free. The management will only charge voluntary donations to tourists. The donation will later be used to finance operations.

Obviously, as long as it is closed, Penglipuran managers will continue to clean up. Managers pay a number of costs to prepare health protocol facilities and other operational activities. “Every day, there are at least 4 personnel who we assign to keep guests from entering while Penglipuran is closed,” he said. To finance this, his party will charge voluntary donations to visitors.

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Supat hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the country for several months will end soon.

As is well known, the Penglipuran tourist village was closed for the first time in March. the closure was carried out to anticipate the spread of covid-19. Around September, the tourist village which was dubbed the cleanest village was briefly opened. It is only a trial, after which it is closed again.

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