Photo Exhibition at Bajra Sandhi Monument To Commemorate Indonesia-Vietnam Diplomatic Ties

The commemoration at Bajra Sandhi was set to be in the form of photo exhibition, showcasing the journey of Indonesia-Vietnam friendship in the monument which is located in Jalan Puputa Renon, right in front of the Bali’s governor office.

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According to Vietnamese media Nhan Dan, The launching ceremony of the exhibition was livestreamed through social media platform of Bali’s cultural service on December 15.

Indonesian politician Megawati Soekarno Putri was seen welcoming the exhibition via a pre-recorded remark, said that the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the diplomatic ties is important as a token of shared value and eternal friendship that has been maintained by the two countries of ASEAN.

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Adding to her speech, she also mentioned the friendship between her late father Soekarno and Ho Chi Minh, who was a Vietnamese leader. Both leaders were known as heroic figures for each nation’s independence.

Wayan Koster, the mayor of Bali, voiced his hope for the relations to be kept maintained and nurtured, because Indonesia and Vietnam has strategic relations in several sectors like economy, education, culture and tourism.

Along with other important milestone marking the ties of Indonesia and Vietnam, the exhibition also featured documentaries and photos of the historic visit of President Ho Chi Minh to Indonesia as well as President Soekarno’s visit to Vietnam in 1959.

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The 65-year journey of Indonesia-Vietnam diplomatic friendship would also be embodied in a virtual gallery comprised of about 230 photos presenting the the bilateral ties of two nation through culture and history.

Citing from the official page of Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry, the commemoration of bilateral ties of the two ASEAN country has been organized in Hanoi Opera House last month, the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi worked together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam in realizing this much-anticipated event. The cultural and artistic event was name “Friendship Night of Indonesia and Vietnam” and successfully attracted around 500 participants across various affiliations.  

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