Pipes Owned by Perumda Tirta Tohlangkir are in Three Landslide Prone Areas

The start of the falling rain that has recently triggered landslides at a number of points. Perumda Tirta Tohlangkir Karangasem was a little worried.

This is because this condition triggers the pipes belonging to Perumda to not escape the landslide, which can disrupt clean water services to customers. Director of Perumda Tirta Tohlangkir Karangasem, I Gusti Made Singarsi, yesterday (11/10) revealed that entering the rainy season which has recently continued to trigger landslides at a number of points has made him a little worried. This is because previously the Perumda’s pipeline was hit by a landslide that had disrupted clean water services to customers.

Photo 1: Pipes owned by Perumda Tirta Tohlangkir Karangasem – Photo source: Balipost

“During heavy rain two days ago, the pipeline network on the Bukit Sanggem road to Luah Hamlet in the Sidemen sub-district fell through. Because the pipe was on the shoulder of the road. This condition caused the pipe to break. And service in the area was disrupted,” said Singarsi.

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Singarsi said, there are a number of areas that are considered prone to landslides being hit by their pipes. Among them, the Rendang, Strait and Sidemen areas.

The reason is, in that area the water source is under the cliff. So that the pipe that is used passes through cliffs that are prone to landslides when subjected to heavy rain.

Photo 2: Illustration of pipes on the landslide prone area – Photo source: Balipost

“There are also pipes planted under the highway. And if the road collapses or landslides, the pipes will be carried away by landslides. Meanwhile, the existence of pipes in other areas is still relatively safe. Because in these three areas the pipes are most prone to being hit by landslides, “said Singarsi.

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