Possession of Illegal Drugs, The Perpetrators Are Charged with 12 Years in Prison

Fell off the motorbike and arrested by the police because they got caught carrying crystal methamphetamine type of drugs, two men; Nanang Sugianto (29) from Malang and Wagiyo Purnomo (43), Tuesday (18/8) were sentenced to imprisonment of 12 years each.

Photo 1: Wagiyo Purnomo and Nanang Sugianto – Photo source: Balipost

General court prosecutor Made Santiawan in front of the panel of judges declared that the two defendants were found guilty of committing criminal acts. Namely, attempted or criminal conspiracy to commit criminal acts of narcotics and precursors without rights or against the law, possessing, storing, controlling or providing non-plant class 1 narcotics, which weigh more than 5 grams.

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By the general court prosecutor Made Santiawan, the two defendants charged under Article 112 paragraph 2 of RI Law Np. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics. Described in a virtual trial, Nanang and Wagiyo were arrested by the police after the police received information from the public.

Initially, said the prosecutor, the police admitted to seeing people according to the characteristics they have pocketed. On April 3, 2020, on the road of Tukad Balian, Denpasar. The police saw the defendant boarding a vehicle with a DK 7715 OD license plate that had fallen.

Photo 2: Illustration of crystal methamphetamine package – Photo source: Ayo Semarang

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At that time the police came closer and found a box of cigarettes suppressed by the vehicle. Inside the cigarette box there was a plastered plastic clip. As a result of the investigation, the defendant got the item via chat from his friend named Enok, who is now on the wanted list.

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