Prices of Staples in Badung Rise, Especially These Two Types of Meat

The price of a number of basic necessities has increased in the celebration of Galungan. The price jump was triggered by high demand ahead of the victory of dharma against adharma.

Head of the Badung Regency Cooperatives, SME and Trade Office, I Made Widiana, acknowledged that the prices of a number of commodities had increased ahead of Galungan. Even so, he made sure that the increase would not cause turmoil in the market. “It is true that there is an increase in prices, but it is still within normal limits. That is due to soaring market demand ahead of Galungan, compared to the availability of goods,” said Widiana, when confirmed on Thursday (10/9).

Photo 1: Chicken sold at Badung market – Photo source: Tribun Bali

According to him, in general, the increase in the price of goods did not only reach 10 percent. There are two types of meat that have increased. Namely chicken and pork. “What has gone up is only the price of chicken meat from 28,000 rupiahs to 35,000 rupiahs per kilogram, including pork from 50,000 rupiahs per kilogram to 70,000 rupiahs per kilogram. This is purely due to the increase in demand,” he said.

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He also said that several commodities had fallen. For example, the garlic from 24,000 rupiahs per kilogram to 23,000 rupiahs per kilogram. Beef has also decreased from 125,000 rupiahs per kilogram on average to 110,000 rupiahs per kilogram to 120,000 rupiahs per kilogram.

Nevertheless, Widiana acknowledged that her party did not carry out price checks on basic necessities before Galungan. “We did not deploy a team to monitor prices, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we have collaborated with market managers to report the movement of goods prices every day,” he explained.

Photo 2: Garlic being sold at the market illustration – Photo source: Nusa Bali

Regarding anticipating the hoarding of staple goods, Widiana admits that until now there has not been any indication of hoarding resulting in price hikes. “We have not found any indications of hoarding. If there is, of course we will comply with the rules,” he said.

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Head of the Agriculture and Food Service, I Wayan Wijana, emphasized that the pig stock to meet the needs of Galungan is still safe. Based on current data, there are around 4,500 pigs ready for slaughter, scattered in each district. “Based on the results of direct monitoring to breeders and coordination with GUPBI, it is true that after the ASF outbreak, the pig population dropped drastically, but stocks for Galungan are still sufficient,” he explained.

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