Recovered Patients of Covid-19 in Jembrana, Bali Increases

The percentage of cure for Covid-19 patients in Jembrana has increased. As of Thursday (8/10), the number of recovered patients was above 85 percent of the total cases.

Spokesperson for the task of accelerating the handling of covid-19 Jembrana, dr. I Gusti Agung Putu Arisantha said the cure rate was slowly climbing. On this day, 16 people were discharged from the State Hospital so that the cure rate reached approximately 86 percent.

Photo 1: Recovered covid-19 patients got discharged off the hospital – Photo source: Jarrak News

In total, 303 people recovered from 352 positive patients with Covid-19 in Jembrana. The cure rate is very different from September’s achievement which had reached 68 percent. “There is a fairly good recovery progress. The number is slowly increasing. We hope that the number of recoveries can continue to be increased. Meanwhile, we press positive cases to prevent a spike. One of them is through massive 3 M socialization in all levels of society,” he explained.

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Meanwhile, the Director of the State General Hospital, dr. I Gusti Ketut Oka Parwatha clarified that there is an issue that has been circulating widely, namely the existence of a public hospital that deliberately makes patients confirmed with Covid-19. After releasing the healing of 16 patients who had undergone treatment in the isolation room of the State public hospital, Thursday (08/10), he said that while handling Covid-19 patients, the hospital maintained the rules and took action based on the guidelines provided by the central government. “There is nothing like that in Jembrana. We have never had any intention or intention (falsifying Covid-19 patient data) such as information circulating on social media and becoming a national issue. So far we have continued to work according to the guidelines and code of ethics with the aim of caring for patients. there were no casualties,” said Parwatha.

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The existence of this information, he continued, actually complicates the handling of Covid-19 patients in state public hospitals. Especially in providing education and IEC to patients and their families.

He also invited all parties to support the government’s efforts in handling Covid-19. Especially in reducing the spread of the virus through applying the 3M pattern (using a mask, washing hands, and maintaining a distance) properly.

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