Rejecting the Online Trial, Jerinx and the Lawyers Walk Out

Fierce debates and arguments against legal references colored the trial with the agenda of reading the indictment with the defendant I Gede Ari Astina alias Jerinx, Thursday (10/9). The panel of judges led by Ida Ayu Adnya Dewi maintained their argument, namely that the trial would be conducted online based on the MoU between the Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s Office and the Minister of Law.

Photo 1: Jerinx and his lawyers at the trial – Photo source: Balipost

Also Decree of the Director General Number 379 of 2020 as well as Circular of the Supreme Court Number 1 of 2020. Prosecutors and judges continue to adhere to the MoU.

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However, the team of legal counsel for the defendant Wayan Gendo Suardana et al. If on the grounds of Covid-19, his party refused to hold an online trial. Likewise about the MoU.

According to Gendo, the MoU is binding on the three institutions that carry out the MoU. However, it was not binding on the defendant Jerinx.

Photo 2: The online trial for Jerinx – Photo source: Tribun Bali

In fact, Jerinx was harmed and his rights were lost if the online court was held. Because the panel of judges wanted the trial to continue, Jerinx refused and left the courtroom from the Bali Police.

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As soon as Jerinx got up from his seat, his PH team walked out to leave the court. Even though the defendant and his PH walked out, the panel of judges asked the prosecutor to still read the indictment.

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