Sale of Indonesian Flags Affected by Covid-19

Indonesia is welcoming its 75th year of being independence this August 17th 2020. Usually, there will be a lot of independence day ornaments being installed all over the country. However, not this year.

Indonesian red and white flag and other attributes related with the independence day sales business are going down amidst the global pandemic, Covid-19.

Aji a red and white flag seller at Jalan Angsoka, south of GOR Ngurah Rai Denpasar expressed the sad news saying, “Yes the impact is felt deeply.” He claimed that in a day he would only be able to sell about 3 to 4 flags which is far from last August in 2019.

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Aji comes from Bandung, these past two years he always come to Bali to sell the red and white flag along with other independence day attributes. Last year in 2019, Aji came together with around 120 other people from Bandung area to sell in Bali. They were selling their goods spread all over the corner in Bali. “We came in three buses,” he stated.

The sales result was also not so bad. On average he was able to gain around 5 million rupiahs profit. “I am still waiting for this year,” he added. There is a significant decrease for the number of people coming to Bali this year. There are only 40 people, compared to last year it is only a third of the number.

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