Sanur and Several Beaches in Denpasar are Temporarily Closed During the Banyu Pinaruh Day

Several beaches in Denpasar were temporarily closed for residents’ activities who supposedly held rituals and enjoyed a day off during Banyu Pinaruh Day. The closing was done to prevent potential crowds that might cause COVID-19 cases to increase.

Sanur Beach’s Condition during Banyu Pinaruh Day on January, 31 (Credit: indobalinews)

Banyu Pinaruh Day, also known as a Yadnya ceremony, was carried out a day after Saraswati Day’s commemoration on Saturday, January 30, 2021. In the event, Balinese Hindus did processions of Melukat, which is a kind of self-cleansing in holy baths or sea.

The temporary closure of Sanur Beach was enforced by the Traditional Village Council (Majelis Desa Adat) of Denpasar City. It is also based on PPKM (Social Activities Limitation Regulation) implementation that limits residents’ and tourists’ activities.

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Various parties such as the Indonesian Army (TNI), Indonesian National Police (POLRI), Department of Transportation, and Public Squad Enforcement (Satpol PP) of Denpasar City were involved in field monitoring to assist the local sub-district.

Pecalang or a village security officers took part by carrying dogs while guarding Sanur Beach, Denpasar, Bali on Sunday, January, 31 (Credit:

“With the circular (of the closing announcement), the beach was deserted because people seemed to follow the regulation and obey health protocols,” said Ida Bagus Raka Jisnu, the head of Sanur sub-district.

This closing was aslo enfroced along the coast of Sanur Village, from Segara Sanur Beach to Mertasari Beach.

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