Search and Rescue Agency to Continue the Search for the Missing KM Tanjung Permai Boat

The search for the fishing boat KM Tanjung Permai with 12 crew members who reportedly lost contact, was resumed on Tuesday (06/10). The second day of searches, Wednesday (7/10), the Denpasar class A search and rescue office unloaded a number of main equipment.

Photo 1: Search and rescue team to look for KM Tanjung Permai boat – Photo source: Balipost

According to Gede Darmada SE., M.AP., as the Head of the Denpasar Search and Relief Office, the main tools that were handed down included, KN.SAR Arjuna 229, Palsar Air, complete Covid-19 personal protective equipment, communication tools and other supporting palsar.

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He further said, for marine search and rescue units with a total search area of ​​93.8 NM and the parallel search search method. “For the KN. SAR Arjuna 229 will conduct a search with an area of ​​93.8 NM2,” he said when confirmed.

In this follow-up search, the elements involved were the rescue team from the Denpasar search and rescue office, 3 personnel, KN Crew. SAR Arjuna 229 Denpasar 16 personnel, Dit Samapta Polda Bali with 5 personnel, SROP Benoa 2 personnel and VTS Benoa with 2 personnel.

Photo 2: Photo source: Balipost

As previously reported, the fishing boat KM Tanjung Permai with 12 crews reportedly lost contact, Tuesday (6/10). From the information, the captain of KM Tanjung Permai was known to have last coordinated with PT Lianiti Abadi when he was in the Badung Strait at the coordinate position 08o55’s – 115o1’5s.”E. It is known that the characteristics of the ship are blue with a length of 17.89 meters and a width of 4.6 meter.

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