Sexy Photos of a Coffee Seller Goes Viral among Bali Fishers

Several sexy photos of a coffee selling woman have gone viral among netizens. It was first uploaded on a Facebook page by Komang Sutawan’s account.

Viral photos of coffee seller (Credit:

The photo showing a middle-aged woman with a sexy body goes viral in the fisherman’s group. The sexy woman is believed to sell coffee on the road to Sarangan Island, which is popular among Bali’s fishers.

As reported from, There’s not much information about the woman’s identity, except for the location where she sells coffee.

The photo shows a woman dressed quite sexily. She poses in a sit position while showing her thighs openly.

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The post succeeded in inviting various responses from netizens. Many praised, and several of them were surprised.

“PHD in Marketing,” wrote @ ptandik***

“That’s the reason why my Freeland driver friends suddenly have a fishing hobby now,” wrote @herryalexande***

For additional information, Serangan Island is indeed a well-known spot among fishers in Bali. Its location is about 500 meters from southern Denpasar which is also close to the fisherman village.

Besides being a favorite spot for fishing, Serangan Island is also home to turtles and one of the Pura Dalem Sakenan (Hindu Temple) which are sacred in Bali Hinduism community.

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