Six Climbers Got Lost on Adeng Hill

The case of the group of climbers getting lost again occurred in Tabanan. This time, six climbers were reported lost in Bukit Adeng, Banjar Munduk Lumbang, Angseri Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan. Luckily they were successfully evacuated on Monday (7/9) in the morning by a joint team, namely from BPBD, TNI / Polri, Basarnas, assisted by the local community.

From the information gathered, the group of climbers who were students from Denpasar made a hike to the top of Bukit Adeng. They are divided into two groups, where the first group of 6 people first arrived at the lower parking area on Saturday (5/9) and spent the night. A second batch of 19 people arrived on Sunday (6/9).

After gathering, then at 10.30 am local time, this group started the climb and arrived at the top about two hours and a half later. They also had time to pray, clean up and take documentation photos. Until 3 pm local time, they decided to go down the mountain. It’s just that on the way there were as many as 6 people who did not reach the bottom. While others arrived at the parking lot below at 5 pm local time. Those who had arrived below were then waiting for their six colleagues who had not come down. After a while, the six people awaited did not arrive. Until finally, three climbers went back up to find their partner, but were not found. So they decided to ask the help of the local village to conduct a search.

Photo 2: the group that got lost after being found by the officer – Photo source: Nusa Bali

Baturiti Police Chief AKP Fachmi Hamdani when confirmed Monday (7/9) said that after receiving the report, the joint team immediately conducted a search starting at 4 in the morning. Luckily all of them were successfully evacuated, they were found in the middle of the forest around 08.16 in the morning. “When they were about to go down the mountain, there were six people who were found not to have reached the bottom, then their colleagues tried to find them but they were still unable to find them until they finally reported to the village and forwarded them to us and then we carried out the search process with the joint team,” he explained.

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Luckily the six people were found in good health. Regarding this incident, the Baturiti Police Chief appealed to always be vigilant and careful when climbing. And one more thing, don’t forget to report to the village to anticipate things that are not desirable, and that can be easily handled if there is something like this. “Thankfully the six of them were found safe,” he said.

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