Six RSUD Klungkung Nurses Tested Positive for Covid-19

While treating Covid-19 patients, six of its nurses got exposed and tested positive for Covid-19. They are treated directly by the hospital in order not to spread the local transmission and hopefully able to recover soon.

Head of RSUD Klungkung, dr. Nyoman Kesuma, on Tuesday (11/8) mentioned the six health workers are sent to three VIP Rooms in RSUD Klungkung. Each room is occupied by two people. They are being placed in the VIP rooms because the RSUD Klungkung isolation room is already full. 

“The utilization of the VIP Rooms is the hospital policy, so that they can be treated well and recovering soon and able to be on duty again,” said dr. Kesuma.

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Currently their condition is good enough, because since the first time they did not have any symptoms. Another good news is that the isolation room in the basement floor that had leaked previously has now been repaired. It is now able to treat new patients hopefully by today (12/8).

Kesuma admitted the leak from the isolation room in the basement floor happened since mid of July.

In total, the hospital is currently treating 26 patients tested positive Covid-19 and 22 suspects. 

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