Slovakian Girl Murdered by Her Boyfriend in Denpasar

A Slovakian girl, Adriana Simenova, was murdered by her boyfriend, Lorens Parera, in Denpasar. Drove by outraged and brokenhearted, he killed her at her house.

Parera and Ariana had been in a relationship for three years. Firstly met in Raja Ampat in 2017, they then moved to Bali in the same year. Adrian then worked as a travel diving consultant while Parera worked at a famous speed boat firm in Benoa.

Their relationship went troubled in the last month. Adriana that didn’t like Parera’s drunken habit asked him to return her motorcycle. She even threatened to call the police if she didn’t get her motorcycle back.

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Parera then came to return her motorcycle and apologize to her for the third time. Adriana refuse to forgive him and broke from Parera. Outraged and brokenhearted, Parera then killed her.

Parera now is arrested by the police and can be sanctioned with a death sentence.

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