State Land Shift Function, Farmers in Ubud Object

11 farmers from Subak Sindujiwa, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar came to kantor Perbekel Sayan on Friday (7/08/2020). The 11 farmers are asking Perbekel or head of the village to mediate their objection, regarding the shift function of state land in front of their agricultural land which cause the disconnection of the farm accessibility.

It is known from the meeting that the state land mentioned above is located in front of the agricultural land owned by 11 members of the subak (irrigation system).

In 2013, there was one citizen claiming to have the permission to work on the land for 5 years. However, since a few years ago, the land changes ownership, presumed to be sold by the citizen who claimed to have the permission to work on the land.

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Since the change of ownership, some part of the land state has been built private owned building, planted some trees, and some other things causing the disconnect of the farm accessibility.

“My land is being blocked by the building and I am unable to transport the crop yields and fertilizers,” said Wayan Sudiana, one of the aggrieved farmers.

Agung Warmadewa, the head of Legal Relations Section of BPN Gianyar said they will investigate whether the people who built the building on the state land has the certificate of land.

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