Students of SMPN 3 Denpasar Built Hand Washing Equipment Using a Simple Appropriate Technology

Lessons learned from the students of SMPN 3 Denpasar who are familiarly called Spentri. The culture of clean living habits and the Covid-19 health program during this pandemic was campaigned by students between students and to the community through messages and videos on social media.

Even the Principal of the school, I Wayan Murdana, S.Pd., M.Psi., immediately gave directions on the dangers of Covid-19 to his students every online teaching and learning process (PBM) break.

What is interesting is that in the midst of the pandemic, Spentri students, especially class IX-B, have succeeded in making hand washing tools using a simple Appropriate Technology system. This tool is now placed in front of the teacher’s room for use by school residents and guests to wash their hands and hand sanitizers before entering the room.

SMPN 3 Denpasar Built Hand Washing Equipment
Photo 1: The hand washing machine put in the school – Photo source: Balipost

“The idea came from the students, while the equipment was made by the parents of the students,” said Wayan Murdana, Thursday (1/10). This tool principally uses the water gravity force that is collected in the tube, while the water and soap flow uses foot pressure. So, this tool allows the feet to distribute water in the tap and soap. According to Murdana, this tool is very water efficient and the waste is processed again through filtering so that it can be used to water school plants.

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In campaigning for the dangers of Covid-19, students do it via video to educate friends and the public to be disciplined in wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance. Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff gives directions every day for Spentri students to become role models in society regarding clean living habits and running the Covid-19 health program.

Among them are more activities at home, not meeting friends, let alone eating together, keeping your distance, protecting yourself so you don’t become carriers of the Coronavirus. “If this has been done, all family members feel safe,” he said.

Photo 2: SMPN 3 Students – Photo source: SMPN 3 Denpasar

Spentri also gives safety priority to students and teachers. Three times a week, all school rooms are sprayed with disinfectant liquid. Wayan Murdana is determined to make Spentri a Covid-19 sterile school throughout the ages. That’s why Wayan using funds from BOS and the committee to equip health facilities in all classes or 27 study rooms.

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The teacher also prepared online teaching and learning process facilities for each class. However, if teachers feel that their immunity is weakened, they are not required to teach from school. Students are also prohibited from going to school because it can create a crowd.

Students who do not have online resources are provided for free at school by implementing strict health protocols. Meanwhile, teachers and the community who go to school are handled directly by the Spentri Covid-19 Task Force.

Not only will the Covid health program be continued, Murdana added that the online teaching and learning process model will also be used as a model for continuous learning. If in the new normal era, schools were allowed to hold limited face-to-face teaching and learning processes, he had also prepared a special curriculum and strategy.

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