Students Who Committed A House Burglary was Previously Arrested 4 Times

The house burglary case involved two students, NDL (15) and KRN (14) and DK (16) with the status of private employees handled by the Women and Children Protection Unit of the Denpasar Police Criminal Resort Unit. It turned out that the NDL suspect had previously been arrested 4 times for being involved in a theft case.

Photo 1: The three house burglar – Photo source: Balipost

“Yes, four times (NDL) was arrested but it was diversified (the settlement of child cases outside the criminal court),” said a member of the Denpasar Police, Monday (5/10).

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The member said the NDL was located at Jalan Buana Raya Gang Buana Merta. He was once arrested by members of the Bali Police, West Denpasar Police and Denpasar Police. From this case the police secured evidence of 2 million rupiahs of cash, a spoon, scissors and a Honda Scoopy motorbike.

Photo 2: Illustration of house burglar – Photo Source: National Republika

As reported, the theft case was at Perum Sari Buana Residence, Jalan Gunung Lebah IV, Denpasar and was viral in the mass media, Friday (2/10). A few hours after the incident, the Denpasar Police Criminal Resort Unit Opsnal Team led by the Head of Iptu Made Putra Yudhistira and the Iptu Panit Ngurah Eka Wisada succeeded in arresting the perpetrators.

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There were three people arrested, two students with the initials NDL (15) and KRN (14) and DK (16) with the status of private employees.

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