Teco Future is Uncertain as Contract Expires

Stefano “Teco” Cuggura’s future as Bali United head coach is in jeopardy as his contract will expire on 31 December, and Bali United needs to extent Teco’s contract as Bali United will represent Indonesia in AFC Cup next year

Pelatih Bali United, Stefano Cugurra alias Teco, saat memimpin anak asuhnya berlatih di Lapangan Australian Independent School (AIS), Denpasar, Selasa (7/1/2020).

After three Bali United player contracts will expire at the end of the year, another one will also leave Bali United in early 2021. Stefano Cuggura or known as Teco will leave Bali United if his contract not extended before December 31st. According to Tribun Bali, some of his colleague in Thailand are already asking Teco availability

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Under Teco, Bali United manage to won Liga 1 for the first time. Before the league is on halt due to the pandemic. Bali United is in 2nd place only left with 2 points behind from Persib Bandung as the table leader.

Bali United Crowned as Liga 1 Champion 2019 (credit :detiksport)

Bali United CEO also confirms that Teco’s contract will expire by December 31, “This year Stefano Cugurra Teco’s contract is over. We’ll have an announcement later. Yes (there is already communication with Teco)” quoted via Bolasport. Addressing the rumor, Teco himself stated that he will stay in Indonesia.

The rumor that he will be playing in Thailand appears as he post a photo when he was a coach for Navy FC. When Tribun Bali asked for confirmation, Teco said that he just wants to have some nostalgia. “About the photo, It’s nothing. I miss my friends at Navy FC Thailand, “

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With the contract that will expire in 12 days. Both Teco and Bali United are still negotiating the details. Yabes Tanuri as Bali United CEO admits that he already spoke to Teco and his representatives and the details will be announced the public later on.

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