The Blessings Behind Covid-19, 20 Families in Denpasar Received Food Packages

As many as 20 families in Banjar Biaung, Desa Pakraman Kesiman Kertalangu, East Denpasar received packages contained foods including rice produced by Balinese farmers “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali” and chili tree in a series of commemoration of 72nd birthdays of Bali local media, Bali Post on Thursday (13/8). The activity under a theme “Bakti Pertiwi Bali ” was brought by donations from the readers and relations from the local media to donations of basic necessities care about Covid-19.

Head of Banjar Adat Biaung Ketut Sudiarsana accompanied by head of hamlet Banjar Adat Biaung Wayan Suana, delivered their gratitude to those who donated and provided the basic necessities packages to their people. It is said that no matter how small the help is, during this Covid-19 pandemic the help is very meaningful and very much appreciated.

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“May this feeling of empathy continue to be inflated to the people affected by Covid-19 so that no one in Bali will go in hunger,” said him.

He admitted that with so many citizens in his area, all forms of assistance provided will ease the burden on its citizens.

The activity itself is supported by several parties including the Provincial Government of Bali.

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