The Body of an Old Woman was Found Floating on Samiana Beach, Gilimanuk

A female corpse was found on Samiana Beach, Gilimanuk Village, Melaya District, Jembrana, on Sunday, November 29, 2020 yesterday. This corpse was found about 1 meter from the shoreline.

After being identified, the body was identified as Mbah Piti who was a local resident. From the information of a witness named Misdiyanto, he was strolling around by the beach in the Samiana neighborhood. While walking down the beach, the witness saw an object floating on the beach 1 meter from the shoreline. After being approached, it turned out that the object was someone’s body floating on the water face down.

Mbah Piti found floating 1 meter away from the shore of Samiana Beach
Mbah Piti found floating 1 meter away from the shoreline of Samiana Beach

Then Misdianto called another witness named Sumarsi to come together to approach and see the floating body. After being approached, the two witnesses recognized that the floating body was a woman named Mbah Piti. According to the statements of the two witnesses, Mbah Piti spends her daily time traveling around the village and asking for money and food at the houses of residents in the Samiana neighborhood.

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At night the victim rested at the house of a resident named Bu Yah who lived in the Samiana Gang VI Gilimanuk neighborhood. From the witness testimony, the victim had a history of epilepsy.

From the results of the examination conducted by the Melaya Health Center II by dr. Luh Putu Lely Suartini, there were no signs of violence. Foam was coming out from the mouth of the corpse and on the left and right temples there were abrasions that were thought to have been caused by friction on the beach floor when the body was lying on the face of the police.

The evacuation process of Mbah Piti's body
The evacuation process of Mbah Piti’s body

The woman’s body is found wearing a white T-shirt with the words Jaringan Komunikasi Nasional written on it and black shorts with Bebe print on the lower left side of the pants.

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The Head of Sectoral Police for the Gilimanuk Sea Region, Police Commissioner Gusti Nyoman Sudarsana, confirmed the discovery of the corpse. Then the body was sent to the funeral home of a resident named Bu Yah, where Mbah Piti usually slept at night in the Samiana Gang VI neighborhood, Gilimanuk Village using the Gilimanuk Community Health Center ambulance.

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